Dear Downton Abbey

Dear Downton (both the upstairs AND the downstairs, and the guest house),

God, how I resisted your temptations. When everyone else was screaming, “You must watch! It’s amazing!” I avoided your period attire and sloping lawns. When others cried, “I’m addicted!” my retort was, “I’m not on that bandwagon, yo.” When YouTube videos were posted of girlish-trifectas with their wine and their Downton-viewing-parties I might have giggled with their comedic repertoire, but stayed the urge, did I, to see what all the fuss was about.

And then…at some point…IWASTAKENUNAWARES! I had no new CW shows to push me through my workout; Revenge was on hiatus and I’d completely given up on The Biggest Loser. And so I turned to you, Downton. To your Crawleys and your Bateses and your British accents…OH! the British accents. To be frank, Downton, you had me from the first chime of the bell in your credits. The falling petal only suffused my desire to devour your episodes, one by one, until NOW whence I have only 3 episodes left in the second season! (The “Christmas Episode” IS an actual episode, yes? Please say.)

I disliked Lady ____ in the beginning but adore her now (and also kinda want to be her) and her desire for love except that she should have said yes to _______ (#getshotterineveryepisode) who is now so sad and alone after his accident but she’s engaged to someone else! And dear _______! He’s died but at least silly _____ was smart enough to _____ him before he gasped his last breath. And _____ and ____…when will it be their time? I assume his wife will return with vengeance. She’s such a wench. My favorite scene by far was when _______ returned from being MIA and walked in the room and ____ saw him as she was singing and he joined in. So romantical…sigh.

So, in conclusion Downton (and PBS, if I may), can you please lengthen your episodes next season? Seven to eight scrumptious tidbits is simply not enough.

Alayne (The girl who jumped on the bandwagon and can’!)


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9 responses to “Dear Downton Abbey

  1. I haven’t given in yet but my mom keeps bugging me to watch this!

    • I know it’s hard to think our moms have good taste sometimes, but seriously, you should listen to the lady on this one!:)

      • Mom

        Hey, careful in those comments about the moms! When you finish Downton, you can borrow The Forsyte Saga from your sister! (But read the book first – even better than Downton!)

  2. bostonbibliophile

    It’s pretty irresistible, isn’t it?:-)

  3. Nothing can be better than Downton! The first time Matthew graced the screen I was all, “ehh, he’s the love interest?” and then another episode came on, and then another, and then those piercing blue eyes happened and now I’m all, “ahhh, Matthew.” Oh McMelancholy.

    • Mom

      Daughter #2, did you not READ your sister’s comment about listening to the MOMs! Trust me…you like Matthew? Wait ’til you meet Young Jolyon. Want Lady Mary to be happy? You’ll be screaming your support for Irene (pronounced I-ree-nee, not I-reen- FYI). And do you DESPISE that wretched Thomas? Wait until you meet Soames Forsyte – creep to the Nth degree!! Read the book, Puhlease! :) Then watch Masterpiece. (Daughters….sigh…) Love you like the Dickens!

  4. We got hooked on Downton Abbey, caught up on all episodes, then went into withdrawal, as it were, at the end of season 2. Solution? We wrote a travel book: Beyond Downton Abbey ( True fans, and travel lovers…feel free to take a look.

  5. I just found this post and had to comment. No one should miss Downton – or Upstairs Downstairs. I saw the movie, Marigold Hotel (not the whole title) last weekend and there was a character that I thought I knew personally but couldn’t think from where or when in my life. Then I realized she was Matthew’s mother in Downton! Each character in that tv series sticks with me. I miss them. Please PBS, bring them back!

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