Review: The Chimera Seed by Matthew Tully

Upon arriving at the house, he paused to look at the statue of Venus one last time. No rainbow emanated from her shoulders and the cloudy, gray sky seemed to mirror her sad face. It was as if she knew what Falters was going to do, even if he didn’t.
The Chimera Seed – Matthew Tully

Nominated for the USA Book News Best Books 2009 Award, The Chimera Seed is a novel of intrigue and suspense. Michael Tiernan follows a mysterious trail set by his deceased father, a path on the hunt of an anti-aging drug. Forced to keep on the run, while attempting to prove himself worthy of his father’s secrets, Tiernan must work with his father’s lab partner to hunt down the lost vials of Dionysinol before they reach the hands of the enemies. Surrounded by pharmaceutical espionage, enemies become co-conspirators, and the good guys become the bad in Matthew Tully’s debut novel. 

A host of characters and information are packed into the 387 pages of this novel. From scientists, to spies, to hired drivers, each character has a place in the story which is more than the search for the drug, it’s about these people’s lives before the drug, and the reasons they seek revenge on each other. There are several plot lines, all of which kept me interested, along with a helping of scientifical mumbo-jumbo to make the Dionysinal sound legitimate to skeptical readers like myself.

Perhaps it’s Tully’s advanced degrees in philosophy, education, and mathematics that make the writing flow so well, but I was impressed with the skill of the words on each page. This is not an amateur writer who decided to make a “political” thriller for the heck of it, this is an intelligent author with the necessary skills to make the reader understand without feeling overwhelmed, or worse, having it dumbed down to be made to feel like an idiot. From a writers point of view, I also appreciate the realistic voice for each of Tully’s characters. Ranging from geriatric scientist, to middle-aged love-sick employee, to southern belle with an edge, each of the characters is completely believable.

If you like stories with twists and turns, with gruesome death scenes (the kind that almost made me sick which NEVER happens), with heros and villains who may or may not die and then may or may not come back to life, you will relish this novel. You don’t know who will live or die, who will be brought to justice or escape, who will end up happy or alone with nothing. But it’s best that way, don’t you think? 

4 stars, and I’m very happy to report that Tully is in the works for a sequel.:)

(I received this novel from the author)


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4 responses to “Review: The Chimera Seed by Matthew Tully

  1. I LOVE twists and turns and this book looks great – the death scenes worry me a tad. How gruesome is gruesome? (eek!)

  2. Amy

    I was looking forward to your review of this. Glad to hear it was worth it. Adding it to the list!

  3. Hmm, this one looks interesting!

  4. I don’t know if I could read the gruesome scenes, but other than that this sounds great!

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